High quality handcrafted wares
Proudly made in the mountains of Idaho, USA

Here is the story of:
Old Growth Artisans

I started my small business back in 2016 with the hopes to be self-sustainable. To be able to make my own way, without looking anyone else for a handout. I have high standards of quality, so I’ve taken it upon myself to bring those standards of quality into the products I produce. Every product I make, I want to be a part of your family’s legacy for as long as possible.  I put my heart and soul into each piece of art I create, in the hopes that the love and care I put into my products will be noticed and appreciated by the end user, no matter how many hands end up holding it in the years to pass.

I am one determined individual focused on quality, I try to put out products that cannot be denied of their quality, longevity, and attention to care they were given, before going out to you, the customer. I am a single father of an amazing son, and I live to do my best for him. If my best fails the standards I wish to show to the world, I simply keep moving forward, until my best is worthy of the word, art, every time. This value is imbued into every item you receive from myself; the love in my soul is imbued into every piece I hand craft.

I truly appreciate every single order, as it is my livelihood, and will continue to live by this means, as long as I am able to continue to do so, it is what I love. If you’ve already placed an order with me, thank you so much. If you have not yet shopped with me yet, please consider shopping with myself today for your needs, and upon doing so, know that you are supporting my family and allowing me to put food on the table, pay the bills, and the happiness that comes with pursuit we all seek throughout this life we are gifted with. Thank you, you truly mean so much to me.

Founder/Owner/Operator of: Old Growth Artisans

Do you really like the background picture of my website? It’s a rendering of the mathematical equations that make up the, “Mandelbrot Set.” If you’d like to see the set in motion through different iterations, consider going and visiting the YouTube channel of the creator of this particular piece. OLBAID.