Ultralight Canvas Tinder & Possibilities Pouch


Our Tinder and Possibility Pouches, are of the utmost quality. Not only are they hand made and hand inspected, but we also use the highest quality materials available to make our bags. Once you get your hands on one and realize just how durable they are, and all the possibilities they can hold, you may find yourself coming back for more. This ultralight model is the perfect addition to your lightweight hiking gear.

Made with the highest quality:
Solid One Piece Seamless Bottom 10oz Canvas Construction
Bonded Nylon Thread
Nickel Plated Brass SPUR Grommets
3/16″ Shock Cord
FMS Block Cord Locks
Available with or without the Attachment Point Receiver. (Belt Kit Attachment Points are sold separately!)

Dimensions: H 9.25″ x W 6.75″ x D 0.25″
Weight: Varies
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Available in unwaxed, wax of your choice, or an extra thick double layer of wax of your choice. Add the Belt Attachment Point Receiver to add a ton of versatility to your bags!  Attachment points sold separately! Once you have an attachment point, they will work on all of your bags installed with an attachment point receiver!

For the lightest weight possible of 2.1oz, un-waxed is your only option. For slightly heavier, but still lightweight, we offer our beeswax and paraffin waxed versions.

The beeswax infused bags offer the most natural waxing material known to man. It’s more tacky and rigid than the cedar paraffin. Due to this extra rigidity, you gain slightly better water resistance and the feeling of having something more natural if left in direct contact with food.

The cedar paraffin waxed bags offers a more supple and lush feeling to the bag, being not nearly as tacky as the beeswax. Where you lose out on water resistance, you gain ground on repelling pests from the bag, it’s not recommended as a food container in my opinion, as it is not natural, but this is only our opinion. Paraffin is sold and traded as a non-toxic wax, so either way you can’t go wrong, but if we had our choice we’d use the paraffin wax for our Tinder Bags, and Beeswax for our food!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in

Khaki Tan


Unwaxed, Cedar Paraffin, Beeswax, Double Cedar Paraffin, Double Beeswax

Belt Attachment Point Receiver

Yes, No


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