The UFK (Ultralight Fire Kit)

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  • One, O-ring sealed 6061 Aluminum container branded with our Old Growth Artisans logo
  • One, Spark Gauge Striker, with your choice of finish
  • One, 2.5″ x 5/16″ Ferrocerium rod with a 3/16″ lanyard hole
  • One, Ultralight Refill Kit
Choose up to SIX characters using the English Alphabet and/or Ampersand symbol (&) to add to the back of your Striker of choice. *WARNING* There is a six character maximum! Only the first SIX characters typed in the box above will be stamped, spaces included! For example, B&B, E B, ABC, ERIC, etc.
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This ultralight fire kit weighs in at just over 3oz and is sealed tight in our new branded 6061 thick walled aluminum cases! Not only is it waterproofed from a protected o-ring seal, but it also contains the last striker you’ll ever truly need, The Spark Gauge Striker. Giving you the option to use more or less of your ferrocerium rod on each strike. The striker has been beveled to give truly amazing firing starting potential sparks and ground to be fully ambidextrous. It stands above the crowd as you can choose to release more or less sparks off your ferro rod by facing the striker on the unmarked, or Maker’s Marked, side. When the back of the striker faces you, you will throw sparks, but just enough for fire tinder, when you face the side with the Old Growth Artisans logo facing you, you will be throwing more than enough sparks to ignite almost any tinder in even the worst of conditions! Fully intended for use with all of our fire tinders, and includes one Ultralight Refill Kit.


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in
Case Color

Woodsman Green, Survival Orange, Pitch Black, Titanium Grey (DISCONTINUED, LIMITED STOCK!)

Striker Type

Spark Gauge Striker, Backbone Striker


Antique, From The Forge

12 reviews for The UFK (Ultralight Fire Kit)

  1. mwcooney1 (verified owner)

    This is an awesome fire starting kit, and it is part of my basic EDC kit. The container is good–with the Ingalls Creek logo as an added bonus!–and the tinders are cut to fit perfectly into it. I have several refill kits, since I plan to use this often. You can obtain the container (sans logo) from other sources, and you can (with effort) prepare tinder by reducing the Tinder Torch and Fierce Fire full-sized pieces, and you can even find alternate ferro rods to fit … BUT you will never be able to duplicate–or even come close to–the excellent striker. It is a true game changer, and of such quality that it alone makes buying the kit worth it. With every new product a new level of excellence is achieved.

  2. jeroscoe

    I received my ultralight fire kit the other day and I have to say I wasn’t the least bit disappointed, didn’t really think I would be as this isn’t the first one of Ingalls Creek’s products I have purchased, the Tinder Torch and Fierce Fire are equally as awesome as this EDC fire kit and the striker is second to none. If you need a compact Fire kit you won’t be disappointed with this one, it has everything you need to start a fire in the pouring rain. Thanks Eric again for a job well done and another original and awesome product, keep up the great work, I’ll be back for more!!

  3. mtstream55n (verified owner)

    This is a small must have for your EDC. The striker is crazy sharp and throws gobs of sparks! The tinder is fantastic and catches a spark very easily. Comes with a ferro rod that fits inside a capsule that has water tight O-ring and a small caribiner to attach to your pack. I just carry mine daily in my pocket. Sadly, you never know. I highly recommend this product for your EDC or just being in the woods when hiking/backpacking doesn’t add any weight to your carry.
    Sue Nelson

  4. unlikelyprep (verified owner)

    This is the best capability kit of it’s size you’ll be able to find. It comes with a ferro rod and a striker (handmade with 3 edges to give different spark levels) and pieces of Tinder Torch 2.0 and some Fierce Fire. The Tinder Torch and Fierce Fire goes a long way and can be broken down even further easily either without tools in the case of pulling apart and shredding the Fierce Fire and with the ferro rod striker in the case of splitting down the Tinder Torch. This TINY kit can help you make many, many fires. If you’re looking to carry fire-starting capabilities with you everywhere, this kit is an EDC ease with it’s size. Easily throw on a keychain or in a pocket or in a purse and you know you have the ability to make fire when you might need it most (or when you want to show off your kit to your friends and tell them to pick this up). Grab this and some more Tinder Torch and Fierce Fire to refill your kit as many times as you want. Eric sells a refill kit for this right now if this is a gift and you want to send them with a refill, but it comes with a nice amount of extra on it’s own 😉 Eric doesn’t sell crap and is kind and has amazing customer service. Check out more tips on his YouTube and definitely pick this up for yourself and for some friends!

  5. backwoodshunter23 (verified owner)

    This light weight kit is a must have for any camper, bushcraft, or woodsman. The spark gauge striker is worth its weight in gold. Nice machining on this one eric. One thing in the wilderness is conserving what you have, and the striker in this kit does just that with conserving your ferro rod with the option of a aggressive side for an emergency. THIS IS A MUST HAVE. This kit gIves you all you need to get a bunch of fires started. God Bless

  6. lilokie66 (verified owner)

    I purchased this fire starter and absolutely LOVE it. I also purchased the fierce fire and extra refills for my ultralight fire kit. I’m like a little kid with a new toy. Ready for hiking and camping this year for sure! I love your products! Keep up the great work. I think I need the canvas bag for my kit now ?.

  7. kevinsadventures (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to become a bushcraft minimalist like myself then this is the fire kit for you. There’s no need to have a tinder bag and an overzealous ferro rod and striker with this kit, everything is included ad fits in the palm of your hand. Ultralight is an under statement, this water tight kit has everything you need to start a fire in the worst conditions and comes with a hand made striker that is second to none. Enough said, a fancy leather bag fire kit might look cool when you’re at a gathering with your buddies but I’d rather use that space in my pack for a rack of ribs or a lobster tail …just saying.

  8. dlmills1313 (verified owner)

    This is a REALLY cool little kit, especially the striker, it throws serious sparks like i’ve Never seen. Just got mine today, and played with it a bit. Both tinders that come with it are VERY easily started. Very good product, even the packaging showed care and attention to detail. I attached this little kit to my edc pack that I take with me every day! I will definitely be buying more tinder!!!

  9. nickd2432 (verified owner)

    Striker is top quality. Tinder is great. Container top did not screw only evenly, but Ingalls Creek sent a replacement ASAP. Love the customer service and fast affordable shipping. I look forward to purchasing more products. Keep up the great quality products and service.

  10. MattFMU05 (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with this little kit. There was a lot of time and effort that went into it and I appreciate the attention to detail! I have used a lot of natural and man made fire starting methods and materials and I can honestly say that if you can’t start a fire with this kit and a little bit of knowledge you should really practice because it’s truly easy with minimal knowledge. I just ordered another for a friend and plenty of refills so I can show all of my friends. Thanks again for a high quality kit.

  11. Paul Herzmann (verified owner)

    Everyone else has said what needs to be said.
    COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the Heirloom quality; the entire kit is just perfect.

    I also ordered the Possibility Pouch, the canvas bag coated in beeswax. It really feels like it’s from an older age. Beautiful I must say….

    Eric is top quality in Customer service. Straight to the Source.

    You’d be very Lucky and gracious to stumble upon his little shop.

  12. Phil Wells (verified owner)

    Fantastic fire kit. Bomb proof kit, good ferro rod and striker, plenty of fantastic tinder with enough spare to refill it several times.
    I will be getting a few for vehicles and to give out as gifts.
    Made in america by someone that puts his money where his mouth is, that’s just icing on the cake.

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