The Spark Gauge Striker

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Made with premium O1 tool steel.

Beveled edge allows for more or less material to be removed from your ferro rod, depending on which side you use.

Consistent angled edge on the entirety of the striker allows you to always have a sharp edge when it really matters most.

Compact, lightweight size – Approximately 2.5″ x 0.5″

3/16″ Lanyard hole for easy attachment to Artisan Ferrorcerium Rods.


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The Last Striker You Will Ever Need.

Crafted from premium O1 tool steel, this striker is made to either conserve your ferrocerium rod, or get a fire started in an emergency by using the super striker side. Our strikers have been ground and beveled in such a way to allow you to throw less sparks (Plain Side), or lots of sparks (Maker’s Mark Side). Every surface on this striker will throw a spark, so you’ll always have a sharp edge when you need it most. Hand crafted, fire forge hardened, and tempered only enough to keep it hard and rarely lose it’s edge. All Spark Gauge Strikers feature a 3/16″ lanyard hole to easily pair it with your favorite Ferro rod. See and feel the difference when you use the last striker you’ll ever truly need.

*NOTE* From The Forge Finish will always have variations between each striker.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 1 in

Antique, From The Forge

5 reviews for The Spark Gauge Striker

  1. jonfpebles63 (verified owner)

    This is a very small piece of equipment that throws an amazing spark; much better than any other striker that I own.
    I was concerned that the price might be high for what I was getting; however, once used, there was no further concern.
    Buy it !!! …. It’s worth every dollar spent.
    Operator Note: Don’t wear it as a necklace next to the skin though….this puppy is sharp and can be quire irritating.

  2. stvn_flavor (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the Spark Gauge!!! I’ve had a couple of weeks now to use it, and it works just as you have stated. It is a fine one of a kind piece of art work. I am very happy with the Spark Gauge, and it is well worth the money spent, and Eric is an excellent craftsman!!! Would I recommend The Spark Gauge Striker, I already have, and will continue to!!! Thank you Eric, it’s an excellent piece of craftsmanship!!!

  3. bobbymojo413 (verified owner)

    Mine came in today. This thing is saweeeet. First, opening up, this thing is well packaged and oiled. It’s ready for a longer term storage, perfect for a cache, even better for a daily trekker. It would even be good for ultra light hikers, in weight it’s only as much as a house key. This thing throws some serious sparkes too. Either side works well on all size rods I have. This is a very well designed product. Very happy with this purchase. Only problem is I have to buy another, my daughter stakes claim to this one haha. Thank you Eric. Bless y’all

  4. dcrol2054 (verified owner)

    This striker throws an excellent amount of sparks as advertised, no question. I like the way you can moderate the sparks or just throw a ton, depending on your situation. I have tried this with some of the cheaper fire steels that I have, which throw very few sparks with the strikers they come with, but actually produced quite a few sparks with this striker. I am also impressed with how well this works as a scraper for magnesium rods/blocks. I can’t wait to start camping again so that I can fully use this striker!!

    The four stars I gave in no way should take away from the quality of this item, that is there no question. One change that I would recommend has actually already been implemented (widening the lanyard hole to accommodate paracord). The other recommendation I would make is to lengthen it slightly, so that a makeshift handle could be easily attached. I found that when striking a ferro rod multiple times, the beveled edge does dig into your fingers a bit, so lengthening it would allow for a bit of tape to be added to keep it comfortable. It is possible that wearing gloves would alleviate this, but I haven’t had a chance to try it and I would almost think that it would be hard to grip with gloves.

    Excellent striker and I am looking forward to using this in my fire kit!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. big_papa_locc (verified owner)

    For my 4th of July celebration I think I’m gonna skip the fireworks and just bring this striker and a ferro rod. This striker throws a ridiculous amount of sparks. I haven’t tried it yet, but it may throw sparks under water. Notice the word yet. And that’s just one side. The other side is for not so windy and wet days where you only need a limited amount of sparks to get that all important fire going. It is definitely a great purchase.

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