“Quality Endures The Test Of Time.”

Welcome to my solo manned shop!

By shopping with me,  you are directly financing myself and my beautiful baby boy, Forest, the ability to eat, shelter ourselves, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness! When you order from me, there is no factory involvement, it’s just me, determination, and will to survive.

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I don’t offer thousands of different mass produced products, but what we lack in quantity, I make up for in quality. I grew up learning to value quality over quantity, and our shop is an embodiment of those values.
I craft every primary product of ours with our own two hands. From our fire tinder, canvas bags, leather crafts, knives, and more; everything aside from a few complimentary items (e.g. Waterproof cases and Dangler Kit) is handmade, here in the mountains of Idaho!

Without the use of mass production methods, I am creating some of the highest quality bushcraft gear available to the public! Come take a look around, I hope you’ll feel a pleasantly surprised of the quality that is achieved when our God given hands are used to build the tools needed for a well prepared adventure.

Founder, owner, and operator of, Old Growth Artisans. (& hopeful to make use of the plural, yet again)